Apple’s next 11.1-inch, 13-inch iPad Pro variants: What we know so far

Apple is working on new iPad Pro models, which are expected to arrive in 2024. These new iPad Pros are expected to be the brand’s most powerful tablets yet and are also expected to launch with bigger displays.

Here’s all we know about the upcoming iPad Pro models so far.

As per a new report by MacRumors, Display Analyst Ross Young said Apple’s next iPad Pro models could launch in 2024 and come with bigger OLED display panels. The report also adds that despite the slightly larger screens the new iPads could have even slimmer bezels, and hence, the same overall size.

This is very different from the current lineup of the iPad Pro models, which include an 11-inch iPad Pro with an LCD display panel and a larger 12.9-inch variant with a mini-LED panel that can offer better contrast ratios.

An OLED panel however, the biggest expected change in the upcoming Pro models, is much superior than both an LCD panel and a mini-LED panel, given that OLED displays often offer the best colours as well as contrast ratios, especially making sure darker colours like black appear accurately.

Unlike the iPhone-series, Apple does not launch new iPad Pro variants every year. With the latest current-gen iPad Pro variants powered by the M2 chip launched recently in October 2022, it seems accurate that the successors would come with a 2024 launch date.

Young had also previously spoken of another large 14.1-inch iPad Pro arriving in 2023, but has now reportedly said that such a device is no longer in the pipeline. Interestingly however, there have been other reports speaking of an even larger 16-inch iPad on the cards.

Note that none of this information has been officially confirmed by Apple yet, so we suggest you take these future iPad Pro plans with a grain of salt. With a supposed 2024 release, Apple would likely not be revealing any official details anytime soon anyway.