Apple’s password manager just got a big update in macOS Sonoma

I believe that password manager apps like 1Password and Proton Pass are among the most important applications you can install on a new device. Password managers securely hold all your login credentials, credit card data, and notes. The emphasis is on the login data, as not all password managers offer similar features. The point is, I’d need a password manager to sign into everything else securely. And thankfully, some operating systems and browsers have built-in password managers.

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac ecosystem is one such example. Apple offers a built-in iCloud Keychain password manager that lets you save passwords securely. The tool syncs the passwords across devices. It’s not a standalone app like 1Password or Proton Pass, but the iCloud password manager is there, ready to provide protection to your most critical data. And the tool just got a big update in macOS Sonoma.

The new OS brings the iCloud Passwords extension to third-party browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. That’s great news for all those Mac users not happy with what Safari can offer.

Password manager apps typically require a paid subscription though free versions exist. Proton Pass is one example where you don’t need to pay for the app to benefit from secure, end-to-end encrypted passwords.

While I routinely advocate for premium versions of the apps, I also point out that Apple’s password manager feature is available for free. You’re already paying for the hardware, whether iPhone, iPad, or Mac. All the software comes free, iCloud Passwords included.

This gives you a tremendous tool to protect your password. One that’s at least as good as standalone apps and comes with a few exciting features. Apple’s password manager autofills passwords, handles two-factor authentication codes, and supports passkeys.

The problem with Apple’s iCloud password manager is that it might not be immediately obvious to the user. It’s not a standalone app that runs alongside…