Apple’s Secret iPhone Feature Revealed


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Is this the year that Apple finally launches AirTags? Forever ‘just around the corner’, the latest version of iOS not only has the hooks ready to go, but it’s possible for anyone to preview the hidden feature on their iPhone today.

Previous details strongly suggested that Apple’s geo-location tags would use the ‘Find My’ app available on its three major platforms – iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. And all you need is the built in web browser. Joe Rossignol reports:

MacRumors reader David Chu today alerted us that the hidden “Items” tab in the Find My app can be enabled on an iPhone or iPad by typing in the link findmy://items in Safari on devices running iOS 14.3 or iPadOS 14.3 or later. After entering the URL, a prompt appears that directs users to the hidden tab in the Find My app.”

Apple has been unusually ‘leaky’ around its competitor to Tile. It has been dancing around third-party geo-location tools at WWDC 2020 and how they can show up in ‘Find My’. Throw in Apple’s own mentions of the product in tutorial videos last year, and you have two major pieces of evidence around the product. Co-incidence? Unlikely, now we have a third.

The bigger question is why the product has not been launched. Apple may be hoping to integrate new technology to offer a product that is a step up from the aforementioned Tile and other geotag companies; there may be something wrong with the product offering that does not fit; or it might have decided that a product to ‘find lost things’ is not going to have a huge impact in the middle of the COVID-19 driven lockdown.

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