Apple’s Self Service Repair Now Available In the USA


Apple is finally offering tools and accessories required for self-servicing select iPhones in the US. Do note that, the company is currently offering parts and components for the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, and the newly launched 3rd Gen iPhone SE 2022 smartphones. As of now, there is no information if Apple will extend this program to the rest of the Apple iPhones.

Apple’s Self Service Repair Now Available In the USA

What Is Apple Self-Service Repair?

Apple will provide spare parts and accessories required for repairing a smartphone to a user in the US. The company will provide components like battery, display, camera, and other spare parts for the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, and the iPhone SE 2022 to end-users. Along with the spare parts, the company will also provide a guide on how to repair these devices.

Until now, Apple restricted the availability of iPhone spare parts to Apple’s first-party repair stores and certified repair stores. Now, anyone can buy tools directly from Apple to fix their iPhone and save some money, as the company is currently selling individual components.

It’s Not Just About Hardware, It’s Also About Software

Apple started locking most of the components to the motherboard a few years ago. This means that even if a user got hold of a genuine spare part, the device would still show some kind of error, as the new component does not match the data stored on the main logic chipset.

With Apple Self Service Repair, the company will now provide hardware components and then software tools to pair these components with an iPhone. On top of that, Apple will also give credit to users, who return the broken components to Apple upon receiving the new spare parts such as a battery, display, and camera module.

Should You Repair Your Own iPhone?

Although this looks like a major win for the right to repair community, there are still a lot of risks involved while replacing a spare part on an Apple iPhone, as they are pretty complex. Unless one knows what she/he is doing, it is best to get an iPhone repaired or serviced from an authorized store, as even a tiny mistake could permanently damage the iPhone.

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