Autonomous Technicians Repair Complex Damages With REvil’s Leaks


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…REvil has empowered autonomous technicians with in-depth information to deal with complex repairs.

Since Apple indirectly got ripped off its confidential data including schematic of its Apple’s flagship gadgets, MacBook. Meanwhile, several autonomous technicians have utilized these leaked data they stole from Quanta Computer, as a tool to efficiently make repairs.

A group of Russian hackers commonly known as REvil, infiltrated Apple’s MacBook supplier, Quanta database — they stole series of Apple owner document with threats to leak these data in exchange for a $50 million ransomware.

REvil has reportedly leaked some document centred of previously launched gadgets and futuristic gadgets designed by Apple. They threatened to release more of these data for the ransomware.

Meanwhile, several technicians have already accessed this leaked sketchy information aiming to gain full knowledge about the components Apple used in designing its MacBooks and how they correspond accordingly tied with other components while repairs are in process.

The chief executive of Rossmann Repair Group, Louis Rossmann — an advocate representing his company and other technicians. During his interview he disclosed that the nature of his company “relies on stuff like this leaking.”  

His statement vividly portrayed the fact that his fellow technicians have zero or no clue towards preserving user data while fixing damages. This information is expected to bolster their repair services. In line with Rossmann, it worth noting that Apple will rather not sell detailed schematics of its products for any price.

While Rossmann acknowledged how incriminating it is for REvil to gain unauthorized access to confidential information. Still, he would have “preferred to get this by going to Apple and giving them $1,000 every year to get this information.”

Apple’s strict policy only allows them to release basics schematics of their products such as guides to battery or keyboard replacement. These basic guide as a tool can be found in several blog forums.

Meanwhile, complex repairs that requires chip or change I always at the brink of encountering error, which often result to data loss. Apple finds it strategic…