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  1. Cassandra Cromwell says:

    THANK YOU times a thousand. I am very challenged when it comes to backups. I have a new external drive and I thought I had to go into Time Machine to back up my entire MBP. When all I really wanted was to back up my Photos library. 45 minutes fiddling with it….so much frustration and my old external drive still shows up in Time Machine and no way of getting it out. That one I don't even know how I did the backups, it was so confusing. Finally I came over here and you saved me maybe tons of money if I could even find somebody that would show me how to do it. And look how simple it was!! Again, thank you so much!! Thumbs up and subscribed.

  2. L AL says:

    Thank you so much it really works mine took 3 hours lol i didn't backup my mac for 4 years! I thought the only way was through time machine or copy pasting each item on its own! Saved me so much time and hassle.


    i have a question. How can I install and boot a windows os on an external hard drive that would plug into my macbook

  4. bomman30 says:

    great video can you please guide me on telling me how to automatically download files everytime anything is downloaded on my mac to my external hard drive

  5. Ari Savvides says:

    Time Machine works best when backed up to an external hard drive.
    It's also the easiest way to recover data when something goes wrong
    like a HDD failure.

  6. Vu Huynh says:

    To reinstall the copied USER folder on the new hard drive , is it as simple as dragging and dropping in the same place as the original folder?

  7. Reef-STI says:

    My work now I'm doing take more time because my Mac is to slow I try with time machine but was super slow and this way you do is more fast thank you very help I'm happy

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