Best all-in-one computers of 2022

Published Jul 21, 2022 10:00 AM

Traditional desktop computers—with their discrete monitors, towers, and wired mice and keyboards—have a reputation for being complicated affairs. There are all kinds of cables, each with its own color-coded connection. You have to plug in a display, a mouse, a keyboard … and what about a webcam or some speakers? Plus, a full-size tower can be a hulking beast. It’s a lot of components to buy and keep track of, especially if you aren’t into micromanaging your PC. If you don’t need the power and superior customization of a bulky desktop tower, the best all-in-one computers—or “AiO,” for short—give you strong computing performance in a streamlined form factor.

With a full CPU/graphics chipset or card, monitor, and speakers all inside a sleek, screen-shaped chassis that sits on your desk, an AiO just needs you to plug in a few cables and you’re ready to go. Though they’re less popular than they used to be, they remain a great option for people who need a computer that can do a little bit of everything. The best all-in-one computers are powerful, well-rounded machines that excel for work and play.

How we picked the best all-in-one computers

I’ve been building and repairing PCs for over 20 years and reporting on PCs—including all-in-one systems—for five. In that time I’ve developed a good understanding of what makes a usable, long-lasting computer in terms of specs like the processor, RAM, and graphics, for not just gamers but for everyday users as well—the office workers, web users, and homework doers of the world. 

To select the best all-in-one computers, we researched popular brands and configurations of AiO PCs and how consumers tend to use them. We made sure that our picks span a wide range of use-cases, from casual web browsing and word processing to creative professionals and gamers.

Things to consider before buying one of the best all-in-one computers

Though setting up and using an all-in-one PC is easier than a desktop tower, shopping for one is just as complicated. They’re sealed up, like laptops, so you can’t customize them after purchase. That…