Best Alternatives to Apple’s MagSafe iPhone Charger

Apple’s new MagSafe charger allows you to magnetically attach your wireless charger to your iPhone 12’s charging sweet-spot — but it’s not the only magnetic wireless charger out there.

So you snagged yourself a new iPhone 12, but you held off on buying Apple’s new MagSafe charger. Maybe you weren’t ready to drop the $40 on it, or perhaps when you went to your local Apple Store, they were out.

Whether you’re not able to find an official one, or you’re not ready to spend the money, we’ve compiled a list of MagSafe alternatives available right now.

While these chargers are not Apple-authorized, that is less of a problem than a direct AC charger. In the case of a failure of an AC charger, there is a possibility of applying AC current directly to the Lightning cable, and by association, the device plugged into it. That method of failure can’t happen here, given how Qi charging works.

All of these chargers are Qi-compliant, though. What they have not done is gone through Apple’s licensing for the magnets that are used to attach to the iPhone. In all cases, the magnets aren’t as strong as a magnetic clasp on most iPhone cases, which aren’t subject to Apple licensing.

Yootech MagSafe Charger

The Yootech MagSafe charger is compatible with all three phones in the iPhone 12 line, as well as all AirPods models with a wireless charging case. It is capable of charging your iPhone at up to 7.5W and AirPods Pro at 2.5W. Yootech claims that it also includes overheat protection, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and foreign-object detection to keep your iPhone safe. It consists of a 5-foot cable equipped with both USB-C and USB-A tips, making it a perfect desktop or bedside companion.

The Yootech Magsafe charger can be ordered from Amazon for $19.99, with an additional $2 off coupon available when you clip the coupon.

Zdago MagSafe Charger

Zdago MagSafe Charger for Apple iPhone 12

This charger comes in white, has a 4-foot USB-A cable, and is made of a durable TPU charger. The manufacturer states that it comes with surge protection, short-circuit protection, and overheat protection. It can charge your iPhone 12 in 2.5 hours, with an output of 15W.

Aothing MagSafe Charger

Aothing MagSafe Charger

Not only is this charger compatible with the…