Best Antivirus for your Mac and Windows computers

Both Windows PC and Macs have a lot of first-party security features that make them harder to hack into. Plus, both Microsoft and Apple are constantly updating their operating systems to try to stop potential new threats before cyber criminals can take full advantage of them.

However, there’s only so much these companies can do to keep you safe. You need to do your part to protect yourself properly as well. While that includes being careful around the internet, it also helps to get some tools to protect yourself.

Enter antivirus software. These apps are powerful tools to keep you safe both online and offline. They’ll constantly scan your computer to hunt down and get rid of any malware that might get on there.

Further, most antivirus software packages come with a bunch of extra features to protect your passwords and your data against potential scams.

With so many antivirus apps out there, which one should you be using? To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of the best ones you can try on your Mac or Windows computer.

Norton Antivirus

You’ve probably heard of Norton Antivirus before — and for a good reason. This app is one of the best antivirus tools you can find online. 

Not only will it constantly scan your computer for malware or viruses, but it also comes with many other useful features, including dark web monitoring that will automatically notify you when Norton discovers something about your personal information on the web. 

Moreover, it also comes with 50GB of cloud storage and a VPN service to keep you safe when you browse the web, plus a password manager to keep your passwords safe without you having to remember them all the time. 

But by far, one of the coolest features Norton comes with is called SafeCam, which constantly protects your computer from malware that tries to activate your webcam without your permission. You’ll also get notified when that happens.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is also one of the oldest and most reliable antivirus apps you’ll find today, and the best part is that it comes with every tool you need to keep yourself protected online.

For starters, its…