Best Apple computers in 2021 for any computing needs

a desktop computer sitting on top of a wooden table: Best Apple Computers

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Best Apple Computers

It’s an age-old question: Windows, or macOS? Over the years, both operating systems have been developed and refined. But there’s one thing that still puts macOS over Windows for many people: Deep integration with the Apple ecosystem. And, that begs the question — what are the best Apple computers in 2021?

There are a number of things to consider before buying a computer. Perhaps the first is to think about whether you want a desktop computer, or a laptop computer. If you want to take your computer on-the-go, that decision is easy — you want a MacBook. If, however, you really only plan on using your computer on a desk at home, a desktop might be better for you.

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There are other considerations to make too. For example, you’ll want to think about what kinds of ports you want, and how many you need. In recent years, port selection has been dwindling — so you might want to consider a dock or dongles along with your new computer.

With Apple computers, recently, you’ve had to make another decision — whether or not you want a computer with Apple Silicon. Our advice? Buy one with Apple Silicon, especially if you get a laptop. M1-based Macs are more than powerful enough for most, offer excellent battery life, and will boast better Apple software support going forward.

Without further ado, here are the best Apple computers in 2021.

Best Apple computer overall: Apple MacBook Air

Pros: Powerful, highly portable, stunning design

Cons: Still a bit pricey, might soon get a refresh

The MacBook Air has gone through several refreshes, but the most recent model has to be one of the best. The laptop offers that classic Apple metal unibody design, plus it features Apple’s ultra-powerful M1 chip, a great keyboard, and more.

The keyboard may be a bit of a sore point for anyone who has bought an Apple laptop over the past three or four years. But that on the most recent MacBook Air is actually great. Apple has done away with the butterfly keyboard from the last-generation MacBook Air, in favor of a design with more travel and a more tactile feel.

Of course, perhaps more important than the keyboard is the performance….