Best Apple Computers of 2023

What is an Apple Computer and how does it work?

Apple computers directly follow the Macintosh line of products, a range that the California-based company started marketing in 1984. These Mac devices currently include the most basic Mac Mini desktop computers to top-of-the-line workstations like the Mac Pro. Their main target groups are home, education, and professional creativity spheres.

What types of Apple computers are there?

Our product test shows that Apple produces a lot of different varieties of computers. Here is an overview of how the different models differ.

  • MacBook Air – Outstanding for its portability, as it is ultra-light.  Average, non-professional user type. Year of release: 2015.
  • MacBook Pro – Maximum power and performance. Professional user type.  Year of release: 2006.
  • MacBook – Most sold and popular for its thickness and size. Average, professional user type. Year of release: 2006.
  • Mac mini – Low performance, compact. Average, non-professional user type.  Year of release: 2005.
  • iMac – Combines only high-quality components. Average, professional user type.  Year of release: 1998.
  • iMac Pro – This is the most powerful of all iMacs. Professional user type. Year of release: 2017.
  • eMac – G4 processors and 17-inch CTR screens. Educational sector user type.  Year of release: 2002 (discontinued).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Computers

Both desktop computers and MacBooks are characterized by their sophisticated appearance and the care given to their materials.

Apple computers have become popular in recent years and are increasingly common, but our test confirms that Windows remains the absolute and undisputed leader in the global desktop and laptop operating system market. Still, Apple computers have some advantages over their competitors that are worth noting.


  • Apple manufactures its own hardware and software. In comparison to Windows computers, Apple takes care of the whole production process of its devices. The product test proves that through an integrated approach, it designs…