Best Apple products and services for college in 2022

The fall semester is gradually approaching as we hit the second half of 2022. Apple has already begun its yearly education promotion in stores and online while college students begin to shop for school. For some, it could be a big decision to decide what technology you may need to help you get through your college career. 9to5Mac is here to help. Let’s go over some of the best Apple products and services for college in 2022.

Apple’s MacBook Air is a fantastic college computer

So here’s the thing with the MacBook Air – Apple currently sells two models. There’s the M1 from 2020 and the M2 releasing on July 15. Either is a great option for most students. If you’re concerned with whether you should get the M1 model or M2 model, you should check out my colleague’s guide on the subject. With that aside, the MacBook Air offers a slim design that’s comfortable to carry around all day. It has one of the best laptop batteries around, giving you a charge that lasts all day. Additionally, starting at $999 ($899 for students), it’s the most affordable MacBook on the market. I also have to mention that if you go with the M1 MacBook Air, prepared to be impressed with its ergonomic capabilities. That keyboard is phenomenally comfortable to type on.

Accessories for MacBook Air:

  • As the MacBook Air only has USB-C ports, you may need a Multiport Adapter. My favorite one from Amazon includes two USB-A ports, an SD card slot, an extra USB-C port, and an HDMI port.
  • This is something I’d like to pick up for myself: a Keyboard Shortcuts sticker. Great to help you be a more efficient Mac user. Can be used for both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.
M2 MacBook Air orders open | 2022 MacBook Air on a woman's lap

iPad Air is a multitasking machine

Since the introduction of the M1 chip into the iPad Air (fifth generation), the device has become a multitasking powerhouse. Perfect for notes, video lectures, entertainment, and more, Apple’s iPad Air will meet the needs of most college students. With new features like Stage Manager coming to iPadOS 16, the device will surely become your education companion.

Accessories for iPad Air:

  • Logitech Combo Touch is a fantastic quality-yet-budget keyboard. However, if you plan on using Touch ID to unlock…