Best apps for reading library books on iPhone and iPad


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The way we access library books has drastically changed. You can access an enormous amount of borrowable content through an iPhone or iPad app — here’s how.

Public libraries have paired up with some of the greatest apps available on your iOS devices. If you are interested in reading books without additional fees and charges, consider reconnecting with your local public library.

Here are the best apps available now for reading library books on your iPhone or iPad.


Libby is one of the best apps out there for reading library books on iOS devices.

Libby, an award-winning reading app developed by Overdrive allows users all over the world, millions of people, the ability to read their library books free of charge. Libby is not only a book reader but also doubles as an audiobook player as well.

Libby is free, free to install and requires no subscription cost. All users need, aside from downloading the app, is a valid library card. Libby works with public libraries who use Overdrive.

In fact, over 90% of public libraries in North America use Libby and Libby can be found in 78 countries worldwide. Connect with your local library to find out library card requirements.

Over 90% of public libraries in North America use Libby.

Over 90% of public libraries in North America use Libby.

A few of the cool features available with Libby include the ability to read across devices and sync reading progress with your iOS devices. Libby also provides offline access where users can download eBooks and audiobooks or stream them to save space.

With Libby users can listen in their cars and enjoy audiobooks through Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connections.

For Kindle lovers, users of the Libby app will enjoy the flexibility of reading their eBooks on their Kindle devices from U.S. libraries only.

Libby offers diverse reading options with a vast collection covering everything from the classics to New York Times Bestsellers. Titles are selected and curated based on community…