Best Computer Repair 2006 | PC Medic


Protect Your Access to the Internet

Don’t let the name fool you: PC Medic now serves Macs—the first new Atlantic Canadian company to become officially certified in ten years and, according to manager Mike McCleave, all you Mac people out there are loving it up. McCleave thinks those Apple commercials, the ones that pit the uptight PC dude with the Mac hipster, are hilarious, but “you have to be a little bit geeky to get some of them.” As for the Medic part of the name, the Robie shop sees a lot of virus- and spyware-infected software and hard drive failures from power fluctuations.2760 Robie, 455-4357

1st runner-up Greenlyph, 1078 Queen, 422-2453

2nd runner-up Mysterybyte, 38 St. Margaret’s Bay, 477-3066