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When purchasing a laptop computer for a senior, it’s important to look at individual needs. What are their limitations? How will they typically use the computer? Answering these questions can aid you in finding the best option for your loved one.

Physical Disabilities

For users with arthritis or hand pain, a laptop with a touchscreen and a full-sized keyboard can be ideal. Touchscreens require less dexterity and can support the use of an on-screen keyboard, says Macaulee Cassaday, founder of Cyber-Seniors, a nonprofit organization that provides free tech training to seniors. Voice-to-text typing assistance can reduce or eliminate the need for hand typing altogether and is available under the accessibility settings of most devices.

For seniors with hearing loss, look for sound quality in built-in speakers, along with Bluetooth availability. Some modern hearing aids can sync to laptops via Bluetooth.

Users with vision impairment should opt for a larger screen and can use the accessibility settings for further assistance. These options include screen readers that read text aloud, color settings to help with vision impairments that involve color and onscreen keyboard options (if the device comes with a touchscreen), Macaulee adds.

How the Computer Will Be Used

If internet-based activities like video chat and streaming are the priority, ease-of-use and affordability should be prioritized when purchasing a computer for seniors. More advanced processing capabilities and storage are available with higher-priced options.


Storage needs vary greatly from one user to the next. For example, if the user intends to store a large quantity of photos and videos, they’ll need more storage. If a user is simply looking to video chat with others or stream shows and movies, data storage isn’t necessary and an option with very little storage should suffice.

If additional storage is needed, cloud storage may be available for purchase on your device.

Ease of Use

When purchasing a new computer, look for options that utilize the same platform with which users are already familiar, says Cassaday. For example, former Windows users will likely find transitioning to another Windows-based…