Best Mac apps in 2021: Antivirus, security, and productivity


Protect Your Access to the Internet

If, like me, your main work machine is a Mac, you need it to be ready for anything life and work can throw at it. This means that having the right performance, security, and productivity apps.

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Scans your mac and remove junk and malware

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CleanMyMac X is the best way to rid your Mac of the digital detritus that it accumulates, allowing you to free up storage space and even speed things up. It scans your Mac to remove malware, large hidden files, old archives, and unused apps. I’m always amazed by its capacity to seek out digital junk that’s otherwise buried deep within the bowels of the operating system.

$29 at MacPaw

The ultimate screen-capture tool

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My job involves taking countless screen captures every week, and of all the tools and utilities I’ve tried — even the tools built into macOS — nothing comes close to the power and flexibility of SnagIt. I’ve used it to take literally thousands of screen captures across a whole range of systems. 

Not only does this tool allow me to capture all sorts of screenshots — from simple captures to complex stuff like scrolling windows and such — it also features powerful editing tools to help me get those screen captures ready for posting on the web or putting into publications.

$49 at TechSmith

Fast, simple, and reliable remote access tool

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After trying many…