Best true wireless earbuds for 2021: Apple AirPods, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and more


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Looking for the best true wireless earbuds? Your choices don’t stop at Apple’s iconic AirPods, hands-down the best-seller in the category. Several contenders now offer superior performance, audio quality and battery life — not to mention compatibility with technology outside the Apple device ecosystem — making the market for true wireless earbuds truly competitive, with more rivals on the way.

This list focuses on the overall best wireless earbuds. (We also have lists for wireless headphones; the best cheap true wireless earbuds; and the best-sounding true wireless earbuds.) For optimal performance, the best wireless earbuds need to have an ergonomic design, feel comfortable, and fit right with a tight earbud seal. If you can’t get a snug earbud fit with in-ear headphones, you’ll feel ripped off and be sadly disappointed, which is why I suggest buying your pair of wireless earbuds from a vendor with a decent return policy, such as Amazon. This also helps if the earbuds don’t meet other expectations, from ambient sound cancellation to touch control to how long they last on a single charge. We’ll update this list of the best wireless earbuds regularly as we review new products.

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