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  1. Penny M says:

    I am legally blind too and I use android. It works for me I have never use apple's phone. Right now its hard for me to go to the transition of learning IOS vs Windows. The only reason why Im making the switch is because Im working on starting my you tube channel and need to learn I movie. That its a pain in the rear lol.

  2. Lambo Blair says:

    I have muscular dystrophy and I currently use an iPhone 7, and although I'm keen to upgrade unfortunately the weight of new iPhones I find too heavy. So did consider switching to android but I've been unable to find a suitable communication app on android that I could use :/. I currently use Proloquo2go on iOs for text to speech communication.

  3. Blind to Billionaire says:

    Hey this is interesting! I am also blind and an Apple user. I think it would be really difficult to switch to android for a week. So glad that you’re also an Apple user and since you were also blind. Thanks for the great video! Matt

  4. Joel Beard says:

    Be my eyes just added a specialized help button that let's you get Google/Android support but not 24/7.

    A couple hugely frustrating things about talk back are dismissing notifications and editing text. I can't stand the lack of the rotor and action menus.

    It's really easy to lose the focus on a particular text field on Android when trying to navigate by words or characters.

  5. Andrew Parsons says:

    Will you interview a blind Android user from the Global South who constitutes for the majority of non-Apple users?

  6. Captinprivate says:

    well you won me over with the 24 hour support line.. If they support us, I will support them

  7. FubarMike says:

    I use android on a moto G5s plus because it offers the features I want like expandable memory and a headphone jack. I have 20/80 vision so I don't quite have to rely on the accessibility features so much but sometimes I would like to give my eyes a break and maybe just listen to what I would otherwise be reading and android doesn't do that very well. Speakscreen and talkback on ios seem more refined but alone aren't going to sway me to iphone

  8. Matt In Full Vision says:

    Hi I'm blind since birth and you and other youtubers like Tommy Edison have inspired me to stsrt my own chanel about blindness. I should have my first content up in the next couple of weeks

  9. M S says:

    I've only ever had Sony phones. Started with Sony Ericsson button phones, and bought a Sony Xperia for my first smart phone. It lasted for 3 and a half years before the camera died, and I continued to use it for another few months before purchasing a new one. Thought about getting a Samsung just to try something new, but ended up with another Sony Xperia, only a newer version. I just love the size of the Xperia compacts, and how cheap they are.

    I also don't need a phone with lots of fancy features, as I mainly use it to scroll social media and snap some pictures here and there. So Sony fits me well.

    I'm sighted, but I have tried playing around with the accessability features just for fun. Something I've noticed, is that Talk Back is kinda tricky when you have text in several languages your phone. I have mine set to Norwegian, which makes it sound reaaaly weird and cringy when reading English text. On my previous phone, the voice was apparently set to English, which made the Norwegian text sound really weird. I wonder if that's any better on Apple products…

  10. Morgan Lee says:

    Partialy sighted user, iPhone XS Max, love and use all the features you use, I've used android devices in the past nothing wrong with them its just like you say the operating system just doesn't work as smoothly as apples for us impaired/blind people.

  11. Dina Hakim says:

    iPhone for me thanks All of my blind friends have iPhones or Mac books or whatever

  12. JC5 Productions says:

    I’ve never tried the Speak Screen option so I’ll have to give that a try. I’d like to give Android a try but I’m also very used to using Apple products. Either way it’d be nice to know how it is to use an Android phone like my iPhone.

  13. celine james says:

    nice video

    My son is using a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus phone and I am thinking about buying him a iPhone 7 I hope my decision is correct

    I have a question for you that do you think voice over is have any updation so soon

    Hoping for a answer soon thank you

  14. Vincent Grasso My Visually Impaired Life says:

    I own the LG v20 and I think it is amazing when it comes to accessibility features. My wife has a Samsung and her accessibility is good as well but my LG puts it to shame.

    For instance, I do select to speak more than talk back. I can see shapes Globs and colors through a filter of pixels and gray fog. So my vision is like looking through a shower glass panel. So on my LG I have a big gray disc with a square in the center that I can move around anywhere on the screen I feel fit to place it. My wife Samsung however, has a little itty bitty person the right bottom corner of her phone. Which is fine at all because it's always in the same spot but I had to be pointed out as to where it was because I could not see it.

    Ilg v20 has a lot of double tap features that actually works out in compliments the triple tap features for accessibility. I can easily override / pause TalkBack if I need to get to my regular phone functions with the ease of a button click. Also, LG has awesome speech-to-text functionality with the keyboard alone. I use it for everything. Even note taking is very simple on an LG. No need to install and accessibility app for notes for dictation. Phone worked right out the box.

    I do however want to try an Apple product as I have never tried if the prices of these phones and computers ever decide to go down then maybe I will until then I will not pay the Apple tax. Their products are cool oh way overpriced.

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