Buy HomePod Now or Later? Best, Worst, and Predictions for 2019

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  1. Blair Slavin says:

    Check out Best Buy for discounted HomePods… often its $50+ off for nothing more than the package is dented…but the item is fine and has never been used by anyone. Best I got was $100 off + my BestBuy CC Points… so the last HomePod I got was $145 + tax (normally is $350)

  2. Rick Emery says:

    Remember that BestBuy sold the HomePod for $249 last Christmas season so there is (rare) pricing flexibility making the HomePod more attractive.

  3. Rocco-Gil Dizon says:

    I currently have the Echo and a Sono speaker with Echo enabled in 3 rooms for a couple or more years now. Since then I’ve experienced the devices getting more quirky at times. I’m contemplating buying either the Google Home or the HomePod. I’m taking your take on it & other reviews to see I should pull the trigger on either of them or both. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Charles Wright says:

    I don't have a Home Pod. I find it cheaper to buy the Echo and place them all over my home (a long with the Sub). It's not only a great sound but I can also steam to whatever combination or all of them. :)

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