Can I run Mac OSX on a non-Apple PC?

Apple OSX thirdofherne asked:

Now Apple Macs run on Intel chips you can run Windows on them either dual boot or, with third-party software, in the background. However, does that mean I can buy a cheaper PC (eg Dell) and run Mac OSX on it?

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  1. Linux OS says:

    You sure can, but you need to have a basic understanding of installing operating systems to get it to work.

    You can also run OS X in a virtual machine.

  2. Rose D says:

    Nope. While they are Intel-based, the new Mac motherboards don’t have a BIOS. There are some experimental emulators to allow you to run OS X on non-Mac hardware, but they are illegal and usually shut down by Apple pretty quickly. They also aren’t very good – there are tons of hardware and driver bugs. Commercial companies that make emulation software, like VMWare, have signed legal contracts agreeing not to emulate Macs on non-Mac hardware.

    So the reality of the matter is, if you want Mac OS, get a Mac. The Mac Mini is reasonably priced.

  3. singlecell_amoeba says:

    It’s possible, but won’t actually carry the benefits of OS X with it – the whole point of buying a mac is that the hardware and software ‘just work’ with each other, so if you use the software on non-approved hardware you’ll likely have a reasonably frustrating time of it.

    Second-hand intel macs go on ebay from 400 quid and up.

  4. simonjohnlaw says:

    yes you can, but you need to have a basic understanding of installing operating systems or you will have trouble

  5. Kyle.McLavin says:

    Dont listen to the die hard windows lovers out there apple mac are a really good company. If Microsoft are sooo good then why does vista have many of the same features as Mac’s OS Tiger???? Yes if you can install an OS then you can do it!!!!

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