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  1. An Nhi says:

    E*TRADE Pro makes my Macbook Pro 2018 really HOT. How to a void the hot laptop with this platform?

  2. verty says:

    As a mac user, it really surprises me how many platforms are still not mac based! Everyone I know trading mac have to use parraells or bootcamp which SUCKS! Yes you can trade on a Mac but its not straight forward..

  3. Amirul Vincent says:

    #askmarcello Hai brother how are you? here are my question. did you have a live trading room where peeps can see you trade and trade together ? if you do how much did you charge? or did you charge money ? can you show your performance record ? ofcourse not to brag or anything : )

  4. Maik Kunde says:

    Thanks for the video Marcello. Some interesting stuff you guys work on, i guess "web-based" trading platforms are the future. It just makes more sence, for users and brokers. But i don`t understand why Ninja Trader doesn`t develop a Ninja Trader app for Mac, i mean the demand is relativly high. Personally i use a remote windows server and have Ninja Trader installed there. Have no experiance with Boot Camp or Paralells. Looking forward to a web-based "DTA-plattform".

  5. Kamohelo Lekeba says:

    I am using MacBook and am lifetime licensed to Ninja Trader platform (through Parallel software) and is working wonders

  6. Jelly Roll99 says:

    #ASK MARCELLO can you post some videos of actual trading video in English I see tons on the Spanish side or Columbian but i don't speak those languages Thanks

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