can u switch from windows to mac osx on a dell or do u need an apple computer to have mac osx?

Apple OSX sasuke asked:

i need ichat and they only have it for mac there a way i kan switch??

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  1. TheAllKnowing says:

    Yes, you can switch.

    1. Take your dell into the Geek Squad
    2. Throw it at the assh*le Geek Squad guy.
    3. Go to an Apple Store.
    4. Buy a Macbook.

  2. stlouiscurt says:

    The short answer is that if you want the mac os then you need a mac. There are some hacks out there that with a lot of reconfiguring of your dell computer you could load the mac os but it isn’t an easy thing.

  3. youmakemeverymad says:

    Without building a hackentosh (which should be legal in about 6 months, but isn’t currently, sort of…) you could see if this ‘ichat’ will run on apple darwin, which is free and will run on your pc.

    You can use aim to talk to people with ichat if that’s what you’re trying to do.

  4. s j says:

    Like someone else said there is the OSx86 Project but you have to be very computer savvy to get it to work and even some wizs cant get it to work at all. Here’s the scoop on it:
    Unlike Microsoft that let’s you run Windows on a Mac, Apple wont let you run OSX on a PC. If you could then who’d pay 50% more for a Mac? Same hardware just different firmware on some of it. I’m in the business and, contrary to what someone might say, Macs break just like PCs.

  5. Carling says:

    the true answer is yes you can… but you will need to do some research on how it is done… you will need OS/x. and a program called VMware or any other virtual operating system which you can find and download for free

    To see OS/x working on a dell go to click on the link below

  6. stardustworld says:

    Technically you can but the easiest thing to do is just use AIM. iChat is the OSX chat software and it works with AIM users. All they have to do is enter your screename in iChat and you’ll show right up. I have a Mac and I chat with Windows users all the time. The exception is if you want to do video chat. Then you will need a chat program that is compatible with iChat and uses video. Otherwise, it’s not worth the trouble. I would suggest that if you need it that badly, buy a Mac and be done with it. You’ll have a better overall computing experience anyway.

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