Can you buy boot camp software at the apple store for the mac osx?

Apple OSX princess sakura asked:

i have a mac book and i want windows on it so i decided to buy boot camp for it but i don’t want to buy it online because i was scammed by online things several times so now i want to buy it at the store. do they
even sell boot camp software at the apple store?

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  1. eternalfoxx says:

    Yup, you can buy it at the Apple store. I’m pretty sure you can buy it online too, the official Apple store is very safe. But if you still have aversions to buying online, they will definitely have it at your local store.

  2. SilverTonguedDevil says:

    Apple does not sell Boot Camp and they never have sold it. Before the release of OS X 10.5 (Leopard), you could download Boot Camp Beta for free. Now there is no Boot Camp download of any type. Boot Camp comes with the OS X 10.5 DVD. If you have a new Mac, Boot Camp is on the install DVD. If you don’t have a new Mac, you will have to buy a Leopard DVD to get Boot Camp.

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