Can you installe MAC OSX on a PC other than an Apple?

Apple OSX arigont asked:

Like on a Dell, Toshiba or emachine?

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  1. Chester says:

    I tried it. It works somewhat, but it crashes every once in a while. I think there are some patches out that let you do it.

  2. Carling says:

    the answer is “YES” you can

    for a demonstration go to and in the search bar type
    mac vs linux or
    dell OS/x or

    you will be surprised what you will see and you will find out just what you can do with a pc….

  3. The Master says:

    Yes. There is a hacked version of MAC OS X ported to the x86 (normal pc) architecture. If you can find it via bittorrent. It is tricky to install and doesn’t work on computers with very outdated bioses.

  4. sascha h says:

    I’m sorry to say you can’t install OSX on anything but mac. Apple is very fussy about that. Apple prices are not that bad anymore the price is usually around the same as a pc plus around$100-200 more. Get a mac mini for around $500 or less and you have a great cheap OSX machine.

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