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Apple has registered seven more MacBooks, a report says

Apple Watches, Macs and AirPods. According to MacRumors, all filings this week appear to be for MacBooks, as they were described as “portable” computers in the database. …
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Is Apple’s iPadOS The End Of Desktop Computing

Store associates now carry small mobile devices and can perform all the same functions, on the go, that used to require a desktop computer. And it seems that this innovative shift is here to stay. As …
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Apple: iPhone batteries are wearing out too quickly, and iOS 13 will offer a possible solution

iOS 13 will include a new feature to help extend the life of your battery. This is welcome news for those who plan of keeping their iPhones for longer than a few years. Best Phones for 2019 Our …
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Apple soups up Logic Pro X ahead of Mac Pro launch

When it announced the long-awaited Mac Pro relaunch onstage at WWDC last week, Apple settled on creative pro software as the best way to illustrate the desktop’s power. Along with Final Cut, Logic was one of the centerpieces of that introduction.

Today the company issued the update to Logic Pro X illustrated onstage. Version 10.4.5 of the pro-level music production software supports up to 56 processing threads, and up to 1,000 audio tracks and software instrument tracks.

That can be augmented with 1,000 auxiliary channel strips and 1,000 external MIDI tracks. The company says the new version is capable of handling five times as many real-time plug-ins on the software as the last version of the Mac Pro.

There a handful of other smaller updates, as well. Per Apple:

  • The loop browser can filter by loop type and allows drag and drop of multiple loops into your project simultaneously.
  • The redesigned DeEsser 2 plug-in provides more options to reduce sibilance on audio tracks.
  • MIDI beat clocks can be sent to individual ports, each with unique settings like timing offset and plug-in delay compensation.

Version 10.4.5 is out today for $ 200 or as a free update to existing users. The new Mac Pro, meanwhile, isn’t set to be released until the fall.

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Apple reportedly requires Comcast and Charter to sell iPad, Apple TV as part of iPhone deal

In a bid to gain access to Apple’s popular iPhone, mobile industry newcomers Charter and Comcast reportedly agreed to somewhat onerous terms that require the cable giants to also sell iPad and …
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