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THE NEXT GENERATION / Apple’s iPhone will change the very nature of mobile communications with its dazzling design and interface (San Fransisco Chronicle)

Call it the iPhone effect. That’s what you get when you throw a potentially game-changing device from an innovative pioneer into an established but still evolving industry. Apple’s uber-phone, a media and Internet device that goes on sale Friday, has…

iPhone Recipes (101 Cookbooks)

Over the past few years I’ve just-said-no to the Blackberry. Shirked the Sidekick, and resisted the Treo, all in patient anticipation that Apple might eventually release something like this – the iPhone. The day when I can actually browse this website from my cellphone is finally near. I’ll be able to load ingredient lists while strolling the aisles of my favorite markets. I’ll be able to tap the 101 Cookbooks recipe archives for inspiration from my car (parked, of course) on the fly. Apple Computer is releasing the long-anticipated iPhone later this week, and while I’m going to draw the line at camping out overnight at the store – somehow I’m going to get my hands on one. I’m an Apple loyalist. My dad bought me my first Apple when I was a freshman in college, it was a IIcx with 8MB RAM and an 80MB hard drive. I loved it and spent endless hours with it learning how to produce graphics, telnet chatting with friends, writing HTML, and building web pages. Bless that machine, I couldn’t open more than one or two aps at once, but it sure helped me learn many of the skills I still use every day. I’ve had many a Macintosh, (and even a Newton!) since then. I asked Wayne if he would help me produce an iPhone-friendly version of 101 Cookbooks. Primarily because I wanted (and will use) it – he was nice enough to oblige. I suspect some of you might eventually find it useful as well, hope so. So, voila! All the recipes you’ve seen over the years on 101 Cookbooks are now formatted to be searched, browsed and viewed on the iPhone. I’ll build a little iPhone icon into the nav bar sometime this week, but for now you can get the iPhone recipes here , it’s the best starting point. Think of it as an iPhone recipe startpage. The ten most recent iPhone recipes are listed here. And you can navigate your favorite recipe categories here . Enjoy~ (Click through to site to see recipe)

Plaxo turns address books into Web social networks (Reuters)

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Plaxo, which makes software for PC users to keep address books up-to-date, said on Sunday it is helping millions of members open up their online datebooks to build social networks like MySpace or Facebook.

Interesting iPhone Links (The After Mac)

It’s barely a few days till the much awaited launch date of the Apple iPhone. With June 29 just around the corner, the frenzy is already at its peak. If you’re one of the people who can’t wait till Friday, I’m posting a few interesting links for about the iPhone. This should help tide you […]

Virtualization May Break Vista DRM ( Breaking News)

Nom du Keyboard writes “An article in Computerworld posits that the reason Microsoft has flip-flopped on allowing all versions of Vista to be run in virtual machines, is that it breaks the Vista DRM beyond detection, or repair. So is every future advance in computer security and/or usability going to be held hostage to the gods of Hollywood and Digital Restrictions Management? ‘Will encouraging consumer virtualization result in a major uptick in piracy? Not anytime soon, say analysts. One of the main obstacles is the massive size of VMs. Because they include the operating system, the simulated hardware, as well as the software and/or multimedia files, VMs can easily run in the tens of gigabytes, making them hard to exchange over the Internet.