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Plaxo turns address books into Web social networks (Reuters)

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Plaxo, which makes software for PC users to keep address books up-to-date, said on Sunday it is helping millions of members open up their online datebooks to build social networks like MySpace or Facebook.

Interesting iPhone Links (The After Mac)

It’s barely a few days till the much awaited launch date of the Apple iPhone. With June 29 just around the corner, the frenzy is already at its peak. If you’re one of the people who can’t wait till Friday, I’m posting a few interesting links for about the iPhone. This should help tide you […]

Virtualization May Break Vista DRM ( Breaking News)

Nom du Keyboard writes “An article in Computerworld posits that the reason Microsoft has flip-flopped on allowing all versions of Vista to be run in virtual machines, is that it breaks the Vista DRM beyond detection, or repair. So is every future advance in computer security and/or usability going to be held hostage to the gods of Hollywood and Digital Restrictions Management? ‘Will encouraging consumer virtualization result in a major uptick in piracy? Not anytime soon, say analysts. One of the main obstacles is the massive size of VMs. Because they include the operating system, the simulated hardware, as well as the software and/or multimedia files, VMs can easily run in the tens of gigabytes, making them hard to exchange over the Internet.

A Beaver Repeat: Oregon State Takes CWS (Examiner)

Oregon State became the first team in a decade to repeat as College World Series champion, completing a dominant run through the tournament with a 9-3 victory over North Carolina on Sunday night.

Apple stakes its future on iPhone appeal (Star Tribune)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Even for Apple, which has thrived on taking risks, the iPhone represents an audacious bet — possibly its biggest ever. When the new smart phone hits store shelves Friday, the company will have a lot more on the line than success or failure for one product. With a hit, Apple will revolutionize the cell phone industry. It will cement its reputation for creating gadgets whose chic designs and ease of use are so compelling that consumers will pay more for them. And it will create a third, profitable and fast-growing business to add to the Mac and the iPod. A miss, however, c