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Apple’s SproutCore is Cocoa for the Web

One of the biggest revelations at WWDC was quietly unveiled in a session on Friday morning entitled “Building Native Look-and-Feel Web Applications Using SproutCore.” While Apple maintained high security during the entire NDA-sealed WWDC session, the secret of SproutCore is out because it is an open source project and people can’t stop talking about it.

As Apple’s public schedule for WWDC explained, “SproutCore is an open source, platform-independent, Cocoa-inspired JavaScript framework for creating web applications that look and feel like Desktop applications. Learn how to combine SproutCore with HTML5’s standard offline data storage technologies to deliver a first-class user experience and exceptional performance in your web application.”
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Can i change from windows to osx like on an apple?

Apple OSX kdj asked:

i ant an apple computer and heard you can change a pc to and apple os
is this true if so i have an acer windows ultimate 100 gig ata hd 1.5 gig ram 1.60ghz can i do it and is it worth it thanx for you time

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Apple Mac OSx 10.4.11?

Apple OSX CodeBreaker23 asked:

hay guys
i’m trying to install flash player to one of the Macs @ my office. it s running on OSx 10.4.11 and just 2day i have done all security updates, quicktime and safari updates.

Prob is, flash player 9 is getting installed but its not working. and the browser keep on saying “install the missing plugin”.

plz let me no how to solve this. Thankx guys
rebooting doesnt work
Thankx MaCooner. I tried downloading from that link 2. but its the same. giving the same message “install missing plugin”. when i click there there the browser attempts to install the FP but fails all the time and some times giving an error, something regarding the mime type
SORRY I spell yo name incorrect…..LOL

Which apple osX is bug free for PC? and easy to install?

Apple OSX Tirdad Khan asked:

I’m looking for the Apple Leopard Os X to install into my PC ? Which one to download and where ? If there is any How tos, pls let me know.
Will it use efficiently all my pc power or it is just compatible with mac hardware ?

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