The New iPad Mini Stole the Show at Apple’s iPhone 13 Event


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The iPhone 13 Pro and the Apple Watch Series 7 launch may have stolen all the headlines around Apple’s California Streaming event initially, but now that the dust has settled attention can turn to the real star of the show, the new iPad Mini.

It’s genuinely new from top to bottom, and after the disappointment of it not arriving earlier in the year, it has proved to be worth the wait. Not only that, but it comes at a time when there is renewed attention on large screen portable devices, giving the smallest Apple tablet a chance to shine like never before.

Not convinced? Allow me to explain.

Truly new

The iPad Mini is the one product revealed during the event that felt truly new. The iPhone 13 series is subtly different from the iPhone 12, while the Apple Watch Series 7 has some visual changes, it retains enough of the old design to make it still compatible with existing straps. While alterations like a smaller notch on the phone and a curved screen on the watch do make a difference, it may need an expert eye to recognize them from a distance.

There’s no mistaking the new iPad Mini for the old iPad Mini. The massive bezel and Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the Home button are relics of Apple’s old design language, seen today only on its entry-level products like the iPhone SE (2020). By doing away with both and adopting the thin bezel, square-sided style of the iPhone 12 and the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini is very much a modern Apple product.

Crucially, the updated design brings about a significant spec alteration. The new iPad Mini has an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina screen, up from the 7.9-inch Retina screen on the old Mini. The Touch ID sensor is now inside the power key, just like the iPad Air, and the Lightning connector has been replaced by a USB Type-C connection.

Before you pass these changes off as designs borrowed from other Apple products, remember that Apple has ignored the iPad Mini since 2019, and even then, the fifth-generation model shared most of the same design and technology as the fourth-generation iPad Mini launched in 2015. Bringing the iPad Mini right up to date with the new family design is the treatment the little tablet truly deserved.



iPhone 13 has a lot to live up to: After 5G, Apple needs to find the next big thing

Apple’s iPhone 12 was one of its bestsellers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

Last year, Apple tapped 5G wireless as the key new feature of the iPhone 12, promising faster downloads and more reliability. With this year’s next iPhone, Apple may be looking to the heavens for its next big breakthrough.

The tech giant is expected to offer new iPhones on Tuesday that could include technology for making emergency phone calls even without a cellular signal. The new feature, which reportedly will rely on a chip designed to talk to low-orbit satellites, may not arrive this year, according to earlier reporting by Bloomberg. Regardless, the new iPhone is expected to still rely on 5G wireless technology for day-to-day connectivity.

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What to expect at Apple’s September event


If announced this year, the new feature could help Apple’s latest iPhone stand apart even though it’ll have a similar look to last year’s device, save for a rumored smaller notch for the front-facing camera and sensors. Other rumored features include an upgraded camera and a better screen. There’s also potentially new colors rumored, and a new 1TB storage option.

“The challenge is getting the same level of…


Apple says you should keep your iPhone camera away from motorcycle engines


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This has gotta be one of the weirdest ways you can ruin an iPhone camera.

a close up of a suitcase: Sorry, bikers.

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Sorry, bikers.

Apple posted a new page to its support website warning iPhone owners to be careful about exposing their phones to the specific vibration frequencies found in “high-power or high-volume motorcycle engine.” News of the support page first popped up in a report from MacRumors.


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Apparently, operating these phones too close to those engines can fry the cameras in iPhones with optical image stabilization (OIS) or closed-loop autofocus (AF) technology. Every iPhone from the 7 onward has at least one of those things inside it, so if you’ve bought an iPhone in the past four or five years, it could potentially be at risk.

For those not in the know, OIS is what some iPhones use to make photos look less blurry if they were snapped while the camera was in motion. Closed-loop AF, meanwhile, is used to maintain camera focus. The former feature was introduced with the iPhone 7 and the latter feature arrived with the iPhone lineup released in 2018 (XS, XS Max, XR).

It’s worth noting that the danger here seems to be specifically in attaching iPhones to motorcycles, not merely being near them. This is because engine vibrations are transmitted through bike chassis and handlebars. There are all sorts of bike mounts for smartphones on sites like Amazon, but if you’ve got a particularly strong hog, maybe hold off on mounting your iPhone to it.

The more you know!

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How to watch the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 launch live

More than half a century ago, the Mamas and the Papas blew up the charts with California Dreamin’, a catchy folk-rock song that would become one of the most popular songs of all time. Apple will likely be channeling some of that hit-making magic for its next iPhone, too, when it holds its California streaming event Sept. 14.

a traffic light with a mountain in the background: Apple is captioning this event "California streaming." Apple

© Provided by CNET
Apple is captioning this event “California streaming.” Apple

The event, which will be held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to include announcements for a new Apple Watch Series 7 with a revamped design, alongside the iPhone 13 (or potentially called the iPhone 12S). Apple hasn’t discussed its plans for the devices, aside from a mention of four new iPhones in FCC filings Monday.


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The most dramatic change for the new iPhones, aside from better cameras Apple always tends to offer, is said to be the capability to make calls and send texts in emergencies when there’s no cell coverage. Generally, though, they’re expected to still rely on 5G wireless technology for day-to-day connectivity.

The iPhone 13 comes a year after one of Apple’s most successful launches, with the 5G-powered iPhone 12. The device offered the first major revamp of the iPhone’s design since 2017, when Apple introduced its $1,000 iPhone X , with its new face-unlocking design and better screen technology. One survey conducted before the iPhone 12 announcement from Decluttr, a device recycler and reseller, found that a “staggering” 53% of respondents planned to buy the new iPhone, touching off what analysts call a “supercycle” of phone upgrades. 

a rainbow on top of a mountain: We don't know for sure, but Apple's next event could be coming this September.

© James Martin/CNET

We don’t know for sure, but Apple’s next event could be coming this September.

Apple did notch an increase in iPhone sales in the three months following the release of the iPhone 12. In January, the company said iPhone sales during the holidays jumped 17% from the previous year, helping to lead the company to its highest recorded revenue and profit ever.

“It is not far from any of our minds that this result caps off the most challenging year any of us can remember,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a call with investors after posting the company’s financial…


iPhone 13? Apple sets date for latest product launch event

Apple on Tuesday announced the date for its 2021 product launch event called “California Streaming.” 

The event will take place on Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. PST. It will be streamed live on from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple 2021 launch event (Credit: Apple invite) (Apple invite)

Apple executives are expected to introduce various versions of the tech giant’s latest iPhone, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, and discuss the latest model’s new features that will distinguish it from previous iPhones.

Features will likely include stronger camera and video capabilities, stronger batteries, a new 5G chip from Qualcomm, a faster processor and a smaller notch, among other upgrades, according to MacRumors, a website that tracks Apple-related news before it is officially announced.

Apple typically unveils new iPhones each year around Labor Day.