Mac Games

How can I play PC games on a mac?

Mac Games Charlie C asked:

Is there any way I can play my old pc games on my macbook? Don’t wanna hav 2 spend a fortune on buying all the mac versions.


Does anyone know where I can find OLD Mac games? (For a PC) Specifically NetTrek -again, the old b&w version ?

Mac Games Jared L asked:

I have found a few sites like Macintosh Garden / mac the underdoggs, but it doens’t seem to work. Any chance these will work on the iPhone?

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What is a good site to get free MAC games and programs?

Mac Games delicate21flower asked:

I was looking for some educational games for my 4 and 8 year old.


Why are there so few Mac games?

Mac Games Wayward Mind asked:

I’m considering buying a high-end Mac Pro with a nice graphics card and was thinking that I could use it as a video game console and sell my PS3 (which has given me a lot of problems and would love to get rid of), but have been disappointed to find that most games that come out for the PC do not come out on the Mac? Why is that? Is this something that will change in the future now that Macs are becoming more popular? Does anyone know a site that has upcoming games for Macs?

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Is it possible for me to download and play these games on my Mac?

Mac Games Cleveland Sports Fan asked:

Just bought a brand new Macbook and I wanted to get some games for it. Nothing special, I was just looking for some old games i used to play when I was younger.

Is it possible for me to download and play Wolfenstein 3D and Oregon Trail onto my Mac?

If so, where can I do this?