Apple Tech Notes

How can I get a job at Apple Computer?

Apple Computer Tech yambehler asked:

I would like to work for Apple Computer either as a Tech Support or an AppleCare Rep.

Use Font Book to organize fonts

Use OS X 10.5’s Font Book to organize folders full of assorted fonts.

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Assign Finder labels via the keyboard

Use AppleScript and Butler (or any other program that can assign hot keys to AppleScripts) to make it possible to assign Finder labels using just the keyboard.

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What computer does Walt Mossberg use?

Apple Computer Tech ssuchter asked:

Walt Mossberg of the WSJ is a great high-tech reviewer, and recognizes quality when he sees it. He’s recommended Apple computers a lot, but I’m curious if an Apple is actually his primary work computer. Does anyone know? (Mr. Mossberg, are you here?)

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How do i Password lock my wireless internet on my apple computer?

Apple Computer Tech Katie asked:

Does anyone know how to password lock my wireless network on my mac computer? i have a linksys wireless router, i tried calling there support line but they cant help me bc i have a mac. I called apple and they cant help me bc they said its linksys problem. I tried typing my IP address in firefox and Safari bc the mac support guy said it should take me to a page where i can set the preferences? well that didnt work. Im really new to this wireless thing, all i did was plug it in and it worked i have no idea where to start to lock it..i have tried a bunch of stuff toying around with it and nothing seems to work. Aren’t Macs suppose to be easy user friendly??? If someone could give me a step by step instructions with out the tech terms ( that i know nothing about) i would be so appreciative! Im all about sharing but im not supply my entire building with internet .