Chickasaw language keyboard now available on Apple devices

A collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation and Apple is helping bring the Chickasaw language into the digital age — one keyboard stroke at a time.

The Chickasaw language is called Chikashshanompaꞌ. And for the first time, a keyboard for it is available now for iPhone, iPad and Apple computers.


The new keyboard enables users to type in the Chickasaw language on their Apple device and includes a special character for pitch accents and nasal vowels.

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby says this device and collaboration with Apple is a positive step towards language revitalization, a major priority for the tribal nation.

“Our language is critically vital to maintaining our unique cultural identity as Chickasaw people,” said Anoatubby. “The Chickasaw keyboard included in this recent update is a positive step in our efforts to revitalize, and modernize, our language.”