Chinese Police seize Apple iPhone branded gas stoves

China is notorious as a haven for  knockoff products that blatantly, and sometimes comically, infringe the intellectual property of others in an effort to make a quick buck. Just this past Summer, knockoff artists in China took things to an entirely new level when unauthorized and counterfeit Apple retail stores began popping up.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get more ridiculous, Chinese Police recently seized 681 “Apple iPhone” branded gas stoves in the city of Wuhan. Yep, that’s right, some folks are peddling gas grills and are trying to made the product more appealing by stamping an Apple logo alongside the “iPhone” moniker on the front. Even better, the phrase “Apple China Limited” is emblazoned on the back of these puppies in an effort to convince skeptical consumers who had no idea Apple was in the gas stove business that the product was not only legit, but a limited edition run of a special product!

As the old saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction.

via MIC Gadget

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