Claro Puerto Rico starts selling the iPhone

By David Goldman:

The iPhone is now available on yet another carrier, this time Claro Puerto Rico, the largest Puerto Rican telecommunication company. The carrier currently boasts upwards of 1 million subscribers.

9to5Mac writes:

Claro is the largest mobile phone network in the Americas. It is part of the Mexican telecom group América Móvil which is one of the four largest mobile phone network operators in the world, with more than 200 million customers.

What’s interesting about their offering is that Claro will be offering the 16GB iPhone 4S for just $ 99.99 with a standard two-year contact, quite possibly the lowest subsidized price in the United States. The 16GB/32GB version is a $ 199/$ 299 value with a two-year contract. Customers can choose between four plans costing $ 64.98, $ 74.98, $ 79.98 and $ 84.98 a month. All plans include unlimited minutes and text messages and 250MB/2GB/5GB/unlimited data.

And so Apple’s plan to get the iPhone out on as many carriers continues. Earlier this month the iPhone became available on C Spire, a regional carrier with customers in Mississippi and other areas of the South. Interestingly enough, though, not every carrier is willing to bend over backwards to sell the iPhone – which according to Sprint nets a subsidy that’s about $ 200 more than comparable Android devices.

Last week we highlighted how US Cellular was offered an opportunity to carry the iPhone but ultimately decided to pass, reasoning that the economics didn’t make sense for the company. Specifically, US Cellular CEO Mary Dillion said that Apple’s “terms were unacceptable from a risk and profitability standpoint.”

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