CleanMyMac X Now Has New Malware Removal Tool Powered By Moonlock

One of my favorite pieces of software for keeping my Mac in good condition has just been given a significant update by its developer MacPaw. The latest version of CleanMyMax X now sports a new malware removal tool powered by Moonlock Engine.

MacPaw has developed Moonlock Engine and will be maintained by a team of cybersecurity researchers and engineers that the company has assembled as a new division. The Moonlock team will focus on emerging security threats aimed specifically at Mac users.

The Moonlock Engine can scan for malware at twice the speed of the previous malware removal tool built into CleanMyMac X. Moonlock can search for threats in additional locations like external drives, email attachments, archives and even browser extensions.

In a press release, MacPaw says the new version of CleanMyMac X can also be customized to scan for potential threats according to the user’s preferences. For example, it’s possible to prioritize scanning for speed or coverage. I’ve previewed a beta version of the new CleanMyMac X and it is considerably faster at scanning for malware than the previous version.

“The new Malware Removal module is the second most popular choice among users after CleanMyMac’s core Smart Scan tool. Millions of users cherish the Malware Removal for its ease of use and dependability,” said Dmytro Melnyk, Lead Product Manager at CleanMyMac X. “Now Malware Removal module gets a boost in effectiveness with the Moonlock Engine, enhancing its power and ensuring an even better level of protection and security for all CleanMyMac X users.”

A survey conducted to coincide with the launch of the new software found that as the incidence of cyber threats increases, so does the level of concern among computer users. However, keeping a computer protected requires a certain level of expertise. MacPaw’s survey discovered that around 52% of Mac users would appreciate talking to a qualified cybersecurity professional. Meanwhile, 30% of the survey’s respondents said…