Computer repairman who made Hunter Biden hard-drive contents public sues Twitter for $500 million


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By Harriet Alexander For

01:19 29 Dec 2020, updated 04:39 29 Dec 2020

  • John Paul Mac Isaac owns a Mac repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware
  • In April 2019 Hunter Biden brought three laptops into his store for repair but reportedly never returned to pick them up
  • Computer engineer John Paul Mac Isaac handed over the laptops to the FBI and  Rudy Giuliani – who leaked the contents to the media 
  • The New York Post’s story based on the contents was flagged by Twitter as being potentially obtained from hacked information  
  • Mac Isaac is now suing Twitter for $500 million in defamation and is seeking a public retraction 
  • Mac Isaac earlier this month spoke out on YouTube to insist that he is neither a Russian spy nor hacker, and saying so had been ‘a death sentence’ for his business 

A computer repair shop owner who Hunter Biden handed his laptops over to in April 2019 is suing Twitter for defamation, claiming moderators labeled him a hacker.

John Paul Mac Isaac is seeking $500 million in damages from Twitter after The New York Post’s story about Biden, obtained from the 50-year-old’s laptop, was labeled as potentially coming from hacked material.

Facebook and Twitter both restricted viewing of the Post’s story, and Twitter pointed to its ban on posting ‘hacked materials’ as an explanation.

Mac Isaac claims, according to The Verge, that Twitter specifically made this decision to ‘communicate to the world that [Mac Isaac] is a hacker.’

He says that his business began to receive threats and negative reviews after Twitter’s moderation decision, and that he is ‘now widely considered a hacker’ because of Twitter.

John Paul Mac Isaac, seen in a video on YouTube on December 5 entitled: ‘The Truth’, is now suing Twitter for $500 million, claiming they defamed him by labeling him a hacker

Earlier this month Mac Isaac, 44, released a YouTube video hitting back at the claims, that he himself was a Russian hacker, insisting it was ‘absurd’ that anyone could believe he was a Russian agent and that he was a ‘proud’ American.

He added that the saga has had ‘an irreversible impact on my business and my character’.