Counterfeit Chinese Apple Stores proliferate

Last month a handful of fake Apple Stores were discovered in Kunming China. In the counterfeit stores authentic-looking “Apple” employees sell genuine (albeit smuggled) Apple goods to unsuspecting clients. Check the brazen usage of the Apple logo.

Reuters has discovered that the problem may be much worse than originally thought. In a report out today Reuters notes that 22 more fake Apple Stores have been found by authorities in China.

China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce in the Yunnan provincial capital said the stores have been ordered to stop using Apple’s logo after Apple China accused them of unfair competition and violating its registered trademark, state media said on Thursday.

The report didn’t mention if the newly found stores were selling real or counterfeit Apple goods, but the official Xinhua news agency reported that a complaint hotline was being set up to boost monitoring of the situation.

Apple needs to use its influence in China to escalate the issue, but it also has to walk a fine line to avoid alienating leaders of the country where most of its goods are manufactured.

I’m guessing that there are many more of these fake Apple Stores in China and probably even more copycats who get the idea from the increased media coverage.

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