Customer Urges Others to Avoid Buying Apple Products at Best Buy


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A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming that multiple Best Buy employees lied to her and made her pay for a new MacBook after assuring her it would be covered by a refund.

In a now-deleted video with over 174,000 views, TikTok user Libby (@lib_claire) explains her story, which involves multiple incidents of alleged lying on the part of her local Best Buy. Libby has since shared an update noting that the issue has been resolved by both Apple and Best Buy.

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First, Libby says that her local Best Buy location is in Denver, CO on Mexico Ave.

At this location, she says, she purchased a MacBook 5 months ago after asking them for the “cheapest MacBook that they had.” She discovered after purchasing that it was amongst the highest price MacBooks available at $2,500.

“This is my fault,” she says in the video. “I didn’t check to, like, look at prices. I kind of just trusted the guy.”

As Libby was buying the laptop, the Best Buy employee allegedly asked her if she wanted AppleCare, Apple’s extended warranty service. Libby said yes, recounting a story about a previous product she had that required repairs.

Months later, Libby says she finished her workday and closed her computer, which she claims does not leave her desk. Upon opening the computer again the following morning, she discovered that her computer was “stuck in reset mode.”

She brought the laptop to Best Buy, where the Geek Squad tried and failed to fix it for an hour and a half. They then sent the laptop in for repairs.

Eventually, the Geek Squad contacted Libby to tell her that her laptop required a $1,500 repair. Libby instructed them to simply apply her AppleCare—only to be told that her computer did not, in fact, have AppleCare.

“I’m like, ‘excuse me?’” Libby recalls. “I have AppleCare on every single one of my devices. What do you mean that I don’t have AppleCare on this one? I know that I asked for it. I remember the conversation.”

The Geek Squad continued to deny that Libby had AppleCare. Frustrated, Libby went back to Best Buy where she met the manager.

The manager told…