Do you haft to have something special to play games on a mac?

Mac Games Tom M asked:

I want to play games on my mac but im too skint to by a pc so can i download something or get something that will let me play games on it?


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  1. Will says:

    Well, you could get games that have been ported to the Mac by studios like Aspyr. Or you could get a game like World of Warcraft that was designed for the Mac by the very people who made it. Or, if you have a Mac with an Intel processor, you can get Leopard and use Boot Camp to run Windows games.

  2. jc says:

    companies like Aspyr and EA are actively putting out games for mac. belive it or not, mac has many great games, such as halo, carbon , command and conquer, GTA san andreas. all of these could run smoothly on the new, aluminum macbooks and the 2nd generation plastic model macbook. older macbooks suck too much in hardware. the imac and mac pro can handle great games too.

    well if you want PC and it’s new games, get VMware fusion 2. new features include able you to run PC apps on mac desktop but ofcourse you’ll need a windows. but then again most of us get games and movies from torrents.
    it’ll take a day or more but it worth it.

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