Do you have to buy specific games for Mac laptops and computers?

Mac Games LilB asked:

I looked up Mac, and Target was sellin games specially made for Mac, since it’s not a pc. Do any of yall know what i’m talkin bout? If you do, please post all that you know and i will be forever grateful! Thanks a ton and God bless!


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  1. Max B says:

    nope, ive never seen a computer game that works for PCs and not Macs, and vice versa, and ive seen A LOT of comptuer games. You should be fine.

    Btw if ur looking for a good computer game, try World Of Warcraft, works for both Mac and PCs

  2. Lindsay M says:

    Yes, macs do require games made for mac. PC games don’t run on macs. But for most games you can get a mac version, Aspyr makes a lot of mac videogames.
    They have to be released specifically for Mac

  3. emignatius says:

    Yes, I think I know what your’e talkin’ ’bout. The PC and a Mac are two different platforms, but what matters are its operating systems. The Mac’s OS(operating system) is OS X and the PC’s OS are either windows or linux. Specific programs can only be ran on specific OS therefore Mac games can only run on Macs, PC games can only run in PCs. :-)

  4. austinyb says:

    Yes. You see, Windows computers use files that mostly have the extension of .exe. But Macs use .dmg, etc. Therefore, you need different programs.

  5. rickrudge says:

    Hello Lilb,

    The other answers are basically correct.

    There is a big work-around to run Windows games on your Macintosh, if you’ve got one of the newer Intel-based Macintosh computers. You can download Boot Camp from the Apple web site:

    I’ve never done that myself since I’m quite happy with the programs for the Mac, but that is an option if you’ve really got to have Windows games on your Mac.

    If you would like to download some games that are cheaper (and some are free). Check out Version Tracker:

    Best of luck to you.


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