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  1. mrfld says:

    So I really like my iPad air 2 from 2014. Still going strong. Sounds like the 2019 would be more than I need.

  2. Rawknee Salami says:

    great advice! Just what I was looking into especially since apple took down the compare features from there site at least for ipad models LOL

  3. Francesco Pavinato says:

    The moment I watched this video I immediately ordered a completely new (not refurbished!) Pro…I wanted to buy the Air 2019 but he's perfectly right, everything he said made sense, at least to me… I don't care about the newer processor since the computational power is almost the same… what sold me was ProMotion ,4 speakers and Dolby Vision support. Besides I got a 256 gb Pro for 510€ instead of the 560€ Air 2019 64 gb version so I can transfer my entire music library as well… a Best Buy for me.

  4. Tarik Sultanigy says:

    Nah…anything that's second hand has a footprint on it…what you're saying doesnt make sense when everyone else recommends it

  5. No Flex Zone says:

    I agree. The ipad air is stupid. Why compromise with lack of features? get the pro. I have both the pro and budget 2019 ipad

  6. Jean Claude Boutique says:

    J'ai lu les commentaires et je suis désolé de le dire ils ont raisons ton comparatif est NUL!!!! LOL! Tu devrais te rétracter et offrir tes excuses aux gens qui te suivent encore!!!

  7. Meh meth says:

    In my country even it was second handed the price is almost like a new ipad 10.5 smh and ipad air was more cheaper than the pro even with the ipad pro gen 1 the price is around 300-400 bucks smhhhhhhhhh

  8. Bean Borrito says:

    Your retarded the air is literally half the price of a iPad Pro, it isn’t supposed to be compared to each other that’s why it’s BUDGET

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