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  1. Charles Bunnell says:

    Sorry but this is hardly every Apple Computer Ad. It’s not even every computer ad Apple made, let alone all the ads for iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. You forgot the ads for the original iMac G3’s with Jeff Goldblume narrating, the iBook G3 (again with Jeff Goldblume) and Powerbook G4 Titanium ad (again with Jeff Goldblume), the PowerBook ad featuring the late Verne Troyer (Mini Me) and now retired NBA star Yao Ming, as well as all the Apple Switch ads, especially the most famous one featuring Ellen Fiess. Beyond computers, you have all the iPod silhouette ads, the iPhone Hello ad as well as all later ads, the iPad ads, plus I’m sure at least a few ads for accessories and services from Apple I have forgotten about or overlooked. You might have somewhere around 1/3 all Apple ads ever released (for all Apple products/services). In this vid.

  2. Julio J. Baena Colmena says:

    -Hello I’m a Mac.
    +And I’m a PC.
    -Hey PC what are you doing?
    +Playing GTA V with a RTX 2080 and you?
    -Well…Playing Minecraft at 30fps on my Intel Iris HD.


  3. Wu Q.x says:

    at first I use multitasks in WINdows LAPTOP at last I use (pad mode of windows mode) and I feel faster while a whole machine running just one browser.Safari must be a good choice.

  4. Motmox The Gamer says:

    Well Apple beated Microsoft at somewhere 80-90's but nowdays Windows is easier to use than a Mac (this is a fact that I found in this video)

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