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  1. Baha Ettir says:

    There is a new iPad 2017, 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 2nd there are on iOS 12.0, iPad Pro 12.9 1g iPad Pro 10.5 iPad Air 2 iPad Air 1 iPad Pro 9.7 iPad mini 4 mini 3 mini 2 there are in iOS 12.0 iPad 4 is on iOS 10.0 iPad 3 iPad 2 iPad mini 1 are in iOS 9.0 iPad 1 is in iOS 5.0 make a speed test of it

  2. Noor Altooq says:

    I had an iPad Air which is the first iPad Air but this year ( 2018 ) I upgraded to iPad wifi 5 , in gold , bc my old one had blue screen error and my home button was broken so I couldn’t restart my iPad . And I’m so happy with my new one and I’ll get iPhone Xs MAX gold .

    If you’ll tell me u wasted ur time , I just came to comment , it’s nothing that’s so important "̮ .
    If ur reading this , have a good day ! ❤️

  3. Ss1149 Swags says:

    My iPad isn’t on this C: mine is based off the old IPAD but a new version and selling for 3 months only I have proof because when I go on settings it says made in 2017

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