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  1. Mr. fate says:


    Litarly nobody:

    Captain gizmo: makes video of apple add from 1979 to 2000 in 2019

  2. Zein Adams says:

    I still remember Windows Expert
    Uploading a Apple's video
    when I watched this video
    It reminded me of that video*


  3. Lurker1979 says:

    I feel old watching this. I was born in 79. Up to the mid 2000s I used nothing but Macs. The first Mac I used was the Mac 512K.

  4. TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover says:

    When i first started the vidoe ( i just started as im writing) i was like ‘’ daaaang this finna take forever’’

  5. ulysses1904 says:

    Hey somebody help me out here. I remember Apple using a classical piece in the early 80s for some of their commercials, before Macintosh. The commercial started right off with the music, I think it was on a piano and in a minor key. But I'm not finding it anywhere. I hope it's not a false memory or I'm mixing apples and oranges (hyuk) and thinking of another product. Can anyone help me?

  6. Ragilplayz torumant says:

    At the end of the video: Do you remember any of these ads?

    Me: NO because i was a baby in 2011

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