Exactly When Apple Will Launch iPhone 15 And iPhone 15 Pro

It’s almost certainly just a matter of weeks before Apple holds its biggest special event of the year, where it’s expected to reveal a slew of new products, including four new iPhones, two new Apple Watches and perhaps an iPad or two. So, when will it be, you ask. Here’s your answer.

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It’s Going To Be September

No kidding, I hear you say. You’re right, it’s always September and has been since the iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012, with the single exception of 2020, when the world was knocked sideways by Covid. Even then, Apple was only a few weeks late, with the iPhone 12 series hitting shelves from October that year.

Unveil, Then Release

That’s the normal schedule, and it routinely means an announcement one day, followed by the release less than two weeks later. Often, it’s 11 days between announcement and onsale date, though this can vary, depending on what day of the week Apple unveils the hardware.

There’s no hint of delays for this year’s hardware, so September is the odds-on favorite. But when, exactly?

Tuesday Is Favorite For Special Events

This is usually because Apple likes to fly guests and press to its special events and if the announcement was on a Monday, staff or press would need to fly in on a Sunday, for instance. Of course, there were years when there was no live event, so this factor didn’t apply.

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However, since Apple has adopted a hybrid event system for the last two years, where a live audience watches a largely recorded presentation, I’d say that’s what’s coming this September, so the Tuesday rule applies.

Unless The Week Begins With Labor Day

Yes, that’s the other wrinkle. Apple’s iPhone event in a non-Covid year is always—always!—in the first or second week of September. This year, that would mean Tuesday, September 5 or Tuesday, September 12. Except that Monday, September 4 is Labor Day. Apple doesn’t like flying staff or guess on a public…