Examining Apple’s impressive $64.7B fourth quarter by the numbers

Despite ongoing challenges in the world, Apple has once again reported stellar revenue in its latest quarterly results. Here’s a graphical breakdown of how Apple’s finances fared and changed over the quarters and the years.

On Thursday, Apple reported its fourth and final quarter for the 2020 fiscal year. In a year described by CEO Tim Cook as one “defined by innovation in the face of adversity,” Apple saw new all-time records for Mac and Services, which helped boost quarterly revenue to roughly 1% higher than last year.

However, the high revenue occurs without an iPhone release in the period, with iPhone revenue also down in the period. The fact that Apple managed to accomplish this despite lower revenue from its keystone product warrants a closer examination.

What follows is the collection of graphs and charts that AppleInsider has generated based on the quarterly results issued by Apple over time.

Revenue and Net Profit

For the quarter, Apple reported revenue of $64.7 billion, an increase of 1.0% year-on-year from $64.0 reported for Q4 2019. A single percentage gain may not sound like much, but given this occurs at the tail end of a financial year dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping an even keel or a modest shrink instead of growth would have been acceptable for most industries.

Apple's quarterly revenue and net profit

Apple also reported a net profit of $12.7 billion, which is down year-on-year by 7.4% against $13.7 billion. This would seem to be an issue in most years, but again it is expected that costs will rise due to the pandemic, so there’s little to worry about.

The year-on-year change for quarterly revenue and net profit

The year-on-year change for quarterly revenue and net profit

While the lines in this chart may be worrying, as Apple is still hovering around the 0% region for the last few quarters, just bear in mind that the year’s events have taken a toll on many companies, as well as its customers. Neither line goes as far down as periods such as mid-2016 where revenue shrank YoY by well over 20%.

Gross Margin

Referring to the net sales minus the cost of goods sold, the gross margin is usually a good indicator of whether it has been an expensive year for Apple or not. The lower the percentage, the lower the proportional profit Apple…