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  1. Mechelle F. says:

    Will Apple be releasing a Special Edition Product Red iPhone like the current iPhone 8 in an iPhone 10 or in one of the upcoming new Sep iPhone releases?

  2. TheRetroDudeAbides says:

    If I get a newer iPhone, I would not mind a vaporwave-colored one. Hell, a vaprowave colored iPad Pro would be win.

  3. ozzie the cockateil says:

    He says how will he unlock the se 2 why can’t u just fucking deal with a pin is it that hard

  4. Sid Karpe says:

    I ditched the iPhone X in 2017 cause everything is 1st gen, so I got the 8 Plus, I am part of the iPhone upgrade program, should I upgrade this year

  5. Huy Nguyen says:

    apple paid all these review to make hype on theirs new products. no wonder why apple have a really good advertising but not good as advertisers lol

  6. Tyler Kranwinkel says:

    Your rendering is sooo professional you could really foool someone who hasn’t read anything yet

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