External Hard Drive Is Not Showing Up on Mac [7 Solutions]


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External hard drive is not showing up

You’ve connected an external hard drive to your Mac computer. Instead of seeing it show up in Finder, macOS says that you don’t have anything there.

When your Mac doesn’t recognize your external drive, accessing the files kept there is no longer possible. 

If you know how to restore this functionality, you can help your Mac see the external drive once again.

How to Find an External Hard Drive on Mac

As you go about the business to repair external hard drive on Mac issues, it is essential to review how macOS locates this resource.

When you plug an external drive into your Mac’s port, it mounts (appears) on the desktop. You’ll also see an access point appear in Finder windows with the latest versions of macOS.

If you’re still using an older operating system, you might see the external drive appear under Devices or Locations.

Should you have an “external drive not showing up on Mac” issue to manage, it is often due to corrupted system settings instead of an issue with your media. You might even have a faulty cord contributing to the problem!

Reasons Why External Hard Drives Aren’t Showing Up on Mac

Your Mac might struggle to read an external hard drive for several reasons. The most common issues involve cord health and system settings.

You could have a permissions issue interfering with your external hard drive. This problem sometimes develops right after you’ve installed a new app or upgraded to the latest macOS version.

Some apps can cause conflict with how Mac computers read your external drive. Although macOS does an excellent job of finding drivers, interference issues can cause recognition problems.

If your external hard drive has bad sectors or file corruption issues, the problem could be enough to cause macOS to be unable to see it.

7 Ways to Solve External Hard Drive Detection Issues

If your external hard drive doesn’t mount on Mac operating systems, several potential fixes can get you up and running once again.

This guide takes you through the most common problems users face to the rarest issues that cause Mac not to read external hard drive connections.

1. You have a faulty cord or cable

If you plugged the external hard drive into your…