Eye Aye

Apple in is ever expanding need to be the first kid on the block with the new toy has put their finger on the next wave of display technologies. Our source has unveiled a new project at Apple that could revolutionize the way we use laptops. Instead of the usual flat panel screen, Apple is developing a head mounted device that will give the appearance of a 52″ screen floating in front of the user.

The device appears to take advantage of the way the human mind interprets images when presented with a smaller image viewed 2cm above the bridge of the nose. When the user wears the device the large floating screen appears when they focus on the small screen. Preliminary tests have also shown that the device can also project a 3D image with incredible depth of field. Only one drawback at this time is that the user has to cross their eyes to view the small screen. Test subjects have complained of an euphoric yet disconcerting lag in their vision after extended use of the device.

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