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  1. Fazal Khan says:

    i have install windows 7 now i don't have any iMAC os in dist i removed each n every thing now i want to install imac os…. how can i install it? * i don't have DVD or bootable usb as well

  2. Andy Peden says:

    Why does my 2008 Mac go straight to a lock screen when I do this? And the NV ram with r and p option and command as well.. no second sounds just a lock which when you type I dots ?

  3. Luis Garcia says:

    Mine just turns on but the loading thing doesnt pop up.The screen also went blank after the apple had appeared.

  4. 10,000 Subscribers with No Videos says:

    Yeah, one problem. How do I fix my imac 27 inch from 2014 to 2017 ( dont know the exact date ) from not booting up? It just stays black

  5. DJ Vane says:

    i am tring to reset my mac pro g5 to factory settings like you are doing it, i am using a windows keyboard and either the windows, alt or cntrl key + r wont open the os x utilities!! I am getting pissed here XD Trying to do this for 2 days now…. please help?!

  6. George Dolman says:

    My imac goes through internet recovery and just shows the Apple logo. Or it will flash with the ?in the folder. It won't even let me use command r. Is it completely fucked?

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